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    005 - The Terrifying Le Corbusier

    jpemery Sep 10 '04 1

    Today we will present the philips pavilion to our crits, in all its paper mache/ pourstone glory. I realize now that the Philips Pavilion was wholly unsuited for a precedent study which was supposed to focus on systems integration, which makes me wonder why it was put on the list of acceptable projects. Anyway, I have learned a great deal about both model building and teamwork, so I guess I cannot complain.

    Ultimately we owe it to ourselves to figure out how to take knowledge from anything we do in a class, because after all, we are paying to be here.

    I am so happy that it is friday.

    Attached images for this entry are the pages which I will be pinning up to describe the building.



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    • Metaphoracle
      Sep 12, 04 12:45 am

      Perhaps it was included due to its systematic method of enclosure. There's a great sculptural quality to it that is enabled with using a small handful of (realtively consistent & self-similar) details. And considering the contrasting geometry of the exhibits themselves, it seems like a cool place to walk through.

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