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Aug '08 - Jul '09

  • 3.16 :: California is not green

    Emily Kemper
    Nov 18, '08 2:03 PM EST

    One of the most excellent/torturous aspects of getting a research degree is that it affords me the opportunity to pursue - and think really hard about - topics that interest me. Its excellent because I never felt I had time to pursue such ideas in my design-focused undergraduate degree, but its... View full entry

  • 3.15 :: Scott Johnson + Sustainable Cities

    Emily Kemper
    Nov 13, '08 1:33 PM EST

    The other day I think I saw someone complaining that the school bloggers werent blogging about lectures enough. I feel bad about this: I missed the first few lectures of the semester because I was simply too tired or too busy to go. But, I went to the lecture at USC yesterday - subjecting myself... View full entry

  • 3.14 :: Back to Earth

    Emily Kemper
    Nov 10, '08 4:18 PM EST

    Although I dont think Ill recover from the euphoria of Obamas victory probably for as long as he is in the White House, I did come back to Earth rather quickly this morning as I logged into Archinect and read story after story of people who had been laid off recently from their jobs in the... View full entry

  • 3.13 :: Beat up

    Emily Kemper
    Nov 4, '08 11:24 AM EST

    Hello. I apologize for the long absence but its been a very rough month for me. A couple of weeks ago I had to fly to the East Coast abruptly for a funeral; and then yesterday my cat passed away. In the middle of all of this I had to find the time and the energy to work on my thesis in order to... View full entry

  • 3.12 :: Forecast: cloudy with a chance of inspiration

    Emily Kemper
    Oct 20, '08 1:49 PM EST

    Its cool and overcast this morning in Los Angeles. It reminds me of San Francisco or fall in the Midwest. I LOVE it. Lately I think Ive been suffering from overexposure to sunshine, if a person can suffer from such a thing ... my problem with too much sun is not only that it dries everything... View full entry

  • 3.11 :: Winded

    Emily Kemper
    Oct 14, '08 5:09 PM EST

    Im a mess today. I can barely focus and my head hurts. I dont know whats wrong with me but I dont think its the norovirus that has made hundreds of people sick on USCs campus lately. At least I hope its not, for obvious reasons. I do think it may have to do with air quality though ... the... View full entry

  • 3.10 :: I've been too busy innovating to blog lately....

    Emily Kemper
    Oct 10, '08 2:36 PM EST

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence but its been a whirlwind week here. I had a bunch of meetings, and then a birthday party, then a birthday, and now Im sitting next to a presentation board I produced for a showcase on campus. Im operating on very little sleep but this is pretty exciting... View full entry

  • 3.9 :: First Thesis Presentation

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 30, '08 3:38 PM EST

    As the title implies, I gave my first thesis presentation last Friday, and for those of you who are used to design theses, things go a little differently in the Building Science program. This is primarily a research degree; it takes a year (yes, a whole year), its self-guided, and I dont need to... View full entry

  • 3.8 :: Free time? I'm so confused

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 24, '08 2:54 PM EST

    Hi. Im sitting in the middle of what appears to be about 25 minutes of free time, i.e., I have nothing to do, and no apparent reason to start anything right now. Im so confused. This hasnt happened in a while. Im at work and have no work to do. check Ive said all I wanted to on my other... View full entry

  • 3.7 :: Park[ing] Day 2008 @ USC

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 20, '08 2:26 PM EST

    Any time not consumed by my thesis or work over the past week was spent planning Park[ing] Day LA 2008 in our little spot on USCs campus. It was a lot more difficult to plan than it should have been ... as it happened, the event was so early in the semester that there was no way for us to get... View full entry

  • 3.6 :: My idea of a good time

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 15, '08 3:19 AM EST

    ... is going to a lecture about architecture! I do realize that this will be the second post in a row in which I give you nothing of my own experience, and something directly from my school, but the lecture series is an important thing, and I almost forgot to tell you about it. Besides Im still a... View full entry

  • 3.5 :: Spending 3 more years in school sounds like a great idea!

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 9, '08 9:05 PM EST

    I dont have anything interesting to say today, but its worth noting that USC recently got approval to restart their dormant Ph.D. in Architecture program. I havent decided if Im going to apply yet, but for those of you who might be interested, heres some information from Doug Noble, the Ph.D... View full entry

  • 3.4 :: Using Architecture to Fight Global Warming

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 6, '08 1:20 PM EST

    Following my recent post about over-involvement, it stands to reason that often in my academic work I have a tendency to go big or go home. But ... Im in grad school. I didnt quit my job and move nearly 3000 miles to just sit around. I was adamant about finding something that I was passionate... View full entry

  • 3.3 :: Tuesday, Tuesday

    Emily Kemper
    Sep 2, '08 4:55 PM EST

    Pssst. Do you want to know a secret? You have to promise not to tell anybody. I have Tuesdays off. Well, kind of off. Off of work and I dont have any classes, which means that I can work from home all day, and I do (with an Archinect School Blog interlude, of course). But its a solid full day... View full entry

  • 3.2 :: Thesis x 10/Work + [(Student Orgs / TA duties)*enthusiasm] = Irons in the Fire

    Emily Kemper
    Aug 29, '08 11:15 PM EST

    No one has ever accused me of not doing enough. For as long as it has mattered, Ive always been involved in something other than my primary occupation at the time. Usually I have multiple things going on. So for the first week of school, I had to hit everything pretty hard. Introductory meeting... View full entry

  • 3.1 :: Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

    Emily Kemper
    Aug 26, '08 3:46 AM EST

    I wish we could skip first days. Id like to start off on the third, or maybe the fourth day, when we already know what were doing, where classes are, and whos sitting next to us. But we all have to go through it ... the administrative issues, the syllabi, the introductions. And theres a good... View full entry

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