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Sep '05 - Dec '05

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    While the school's cultural festival, aka 'Kinofesta' doesn't offically start until tomorrow, the student booths (food, drink, music, artwork, etc) open up today at 6PM. In the meantime-

  • Two Things

    First and foremost: New Jones, Partners: Architecture website is up and running. Big shout out to Tom Myers, the muscle turned Flash guru. Make sure you check the Taste Test section. More Boss than you can handle.J,P:ASecond:

  • Notes

    Begin Housing for the Shinjinrui Otaku Duplex : Site 2 Superflat revelations, Japanese subculture, and why you won't find any Japaneseness without post-war American pop culture. Drawing a parallel between historical perspective of Japanese art, starting from contemporary manga subculture to...

  • Kyoto Represent

  • Blur

    So far, in country for 28 days. The first week was in Tokyo with old friends, and then three weeks with the SCI_Arc crew, touring around the island of Kyushu. Last week was a Kokura-Korea-Tokyo-Kanazawa-Kyoto whirlwind. Apparently you shouldn't order dog in a Korean restaurant if you are foreign...

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