Yu Zheng

Yu Zheng

Boston, MA, US



Today, over 50% of the world population are living in urban centers. But what is the actual purpose of a high density City at the beginning of the XXI Century? With a brutal contraction of time and space, not to say a complete disappearance of the notion of distance for data transmission in the Information Age we have arrived again to the notion of Delocalization.  So why are we paying so much rent to live in the center of New York? Despite the high density of cities and fast development of technology, do people get much closer to each other? Do we know more about this world? Here, This is where we need a building, a new school building that will affect the young and the old, affect the past and future; as a physical interface contextualizing virtual information into a physical space, negotiating between dimensions, and in return producing information and knowledge.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Individual Design