Yue Du

Yue Du

Brooklyn, NY, US


The Thames Cafe

 Everyday we encounter the weather - inside or outside, day or night, this week or last century. We experience the peculiarities and changing thresholds of our environment through the alchemy of light, air and matter alongside our determined pursuit of comfort. This project will focus on the relationship between materiality and occupation, the real and the imagined and the design of a choreographed spatial proposition. Through a series of design activities a thematic frame of conversation will emerge, contemplating the potential of fiction, spatial practice and performative action to design a mobile you will hypothetically install under the North Bank side of the Waterloo Bridge in London.
The most common weather in London - rainy, is one of the most important reasons of why I love London. Although it influences our daily life negatively sometimes, it is also a medium that allow people to abreact. This is a fun project so that  I attend to express my comprehension of rainy weather and more importantly, the interactions between human body and space through my theme for this project "dancing rain, dancing space"

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Status: School Project
Location: The Thames River