Yue Du

Yue Du

Brooklyn, NY, US


IOT Public Space

 In this project, I cross-referenced the virtual part of city, our virtual city activates. We were guided to study different model in e-business, its process, services and products. The result aims to rethink the idea of "space" as a medium, upgrade and propose our spatial experience between those spaces and their users. In the second part of my project, I investigated, experimented and speculated the concept of the future physical space, according to the same nature from my previous study of digital services.
 Along with the rapid development of digital technology, it trend to permeate in all kind of design business, so that people's lives are actually full of efficiency and convenience. IOT (internet of things) is the future version of the digital world that we possess nowadays; everthing will be connected at that time, including the connection between human and human, human and object, object and object. However, we are becoming point-to-point travelers rather than explorers in this city because of that. Slowing people down in the fast society and letting them to explore the city is my purpose of this project.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tottenham Court Road - London