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Growing Smart_Design Strategies for the Mexico City's Airport Benito Juarez

The Current Development Pattern in Mexico City

In the past three decades, the urban population of Mexico City has doubled while urban land area has expanded six fold. New urban developments in Mexico City have been distant, disperse and disconnected, resulting in the fragmented and unplanned expansion of urban sprawl. Under the background of rapid urbanization, Mexico City is confronted with problematic housing, traffic tangles, and stubborn air pollution, which necessitates a new-pattern exploration in the urban development. 

How to Promote Mexico City to Grow Smarter?

To response to the main problems Mexico City are now facing, the project follows the concept of "Smart Growth", believing that although the growth and development will continue to occur, they should be led to a right direction in a smart way. The project suggests that rather than let the city develop optionally, it is remarkable to preserve open space, promote compact, transit-oriented, mixed-use development, provide more transportation and housing choices, create livable, walkable communities, while in the same time stimulating economic opportunities both locally and regionally.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Mexico city
My Role: Individual work