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Gain or Loss_Protection and Renewal Planning of Historical Blocks in Kulangsu

What are we losing?

Recently, the tourism commercial exploitation of China's historical blocks has been in full swing. However, the status quo of those historical sights is increasingly worrying, due to their over-commercialisation, the dissimilation of the original life and especially the phenomenon of population displacement, with the aborigines moving out and the non-native population flooding in, which directly gives rise to the loss of traditional culture.

How to find it back?

Based on the detailed investigation which analyses the deep reasons and the corresponding impact of the over-commercialization and loss of intangible culture phenomenons in historical and cultural blocks, the plan aims to strike a balance between the commercial development and historical and cultural preservation by the means of urban renewal and achieve sustainable development in tourism community.

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Status: School Project
Location: Xiamen Shi, CN
My Role: Team Leader
Additional Credits: Yucen Li