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Yellow Cloud Studio Ltd

London, GB


Penthouse - Bachelor Appartment in London

In this project we were asked to provide our take on the luxurious bachelor penthouse suite, the only brief objectives being that we allow for a large, open entertainment space and a second private room for guests.

The biggest challenge was dealing with the unconventional semi-circular floor-plan and achieving a layout that was practical without compromising the 180 degree views of London, all to be built with a very modest budget.

Our solution was to place each of the two bedrooms on the far ends of the layout, allowing for a generous central space to accommodate the living area, a kitchen and a bar.

Taking advantage of the geometry created by the circular plan, the guest bedroom stays hidden behind a panelled wall that also hosts a drinks cabinet, only to be revealed theatrically when moving the sliding panel. The timber clad built in bed then becomes part of the living space, altering the perception of the size of the room and adding a surprise element to the experience of the user.

All things practical are designed to be concealed, allowing for the penthouse to celebrate its entertainment aspects, its panoramic views and its lush materiality uninterrupted.

The Penthouse project strives to prove that in a city where space is a precious commodity, creative ideas can transform and improve the use of it dramatically. The presented design did not compromise on the quality and longevity of the materials or the craftsmanship of its construction and yet managed to provide cost effective solutions that had a massive impact to the space and to the life of its owner.

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB
Firm Role: Architecture & Interiors
Additional Credits: - Terrazzo Kitchen Counter by Dzek Dzek Dzek
- Polished Concrete Floor by Cement Design