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Yellow Cloud Studio Ltd

London, GB


Galatea Offices London

We were approached by Galatea, a custom software developer for the financial sector, who was in need of new office spaces for their fast growing development team in London. With highly demanding problem-solving tasks under tight deadlines, it was vital to create a relaxed work atmosphere, while providing spaces that would help enhance the strong community spirit among the team.

Due to a challenging brief with regards to the privacy of each team within the office, the open plan space had to be separated into private offices to allow each team the necessary confidentiality for their clients thus making the kitchen area the only space of cross team interaction.

Our aim was to make an impact to the existing dull space of the office through a bold design proposal that would create a strong identity, attracting the colleagues to the communal areas. Vibrant colours together with eclectic design and elements you would relate to the hospitality industry were the core ideas of the studio to appeal to the young audience of the office.

Two yellow arches with built-in sofas form the hangout booths, ideal areas for group activities or individual time and a focal point as you enter the offices. The two booths are separated by a low partition to allow for natural light to flow through the windows and plants provide a natural screen between the two spaces.

A third identical arch is designed for bike storage and is given a dark grey colour to blend in with the walls and disappear from the main area.

The kitchen is given a chic in-house bar and together with hanging plants, bar stools, brass pendants and colours that complement the scheme, it becomes an inviting space to eat, drink and interact.

All office areas are separated with privacy-guaranteeing translucent glazing in a characteristic black arched framing, which together with the globe pendants keep the design concept running throughout the space.  

The result is a modern, exciting and yet informal space, that reflects the youthful character of the company and encourages communal interaction and team bonding through smart design.

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB
Firm Role: Architecture & Interiors
Additional Credits: Building Contractors: Atrium Interior Projects -
Kitchen/ Cabinetry: Denwell Joinery
Electrical: Davis Electrical Ltd
HVAC: Chiltern Air Management Ltd