Yafei Zhang

Yafei Zhang

Los Angeles, CA, US



The concept is generated by how to imbed a public section representing “New” and playing the role of social communication and clothing display in an “Old” factory. By placing the inner side holding the Zigzag space,the inside and outside of the building demonstrates distinct feelings and effects while the IN-Between Space undertook the function of transformation between “Old” and “New”. The inner space stretched out of the old
building and built connection with people in the hotel behind, becoming an energetic spot in the factory. The new structure in the inner space being jointed with the old structure outside created a conversation between the old and the new; meanwhile the structure in other spaces separated from the original structure. In a word, the transformation between structure and space was achieved through the replacement of surface.

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Status: School Project
Location: Jinan Shi, CN
My Role: Individual work