Yafei Zhang

Yafei Zhang

Los Angeles, CA, US



A genius design starts from a simple thing, through the
extraordinary wisdom and hardworking. It will become
abundant, and finally, a transcendence design will appear to
your eyes.

This project starts from a single cube and a simple line.
We use the robot cut the cube into different parts and
reconstruct them to a new thing.

During the whole semester, we tried a lot of tests to push
the boundary of robotic hotwire cut. We start with study of
sine and cosine curve. And then we engaged the concept
of interlock and created a standard of the connections to
let them easy to be locked. We uses three types of interlock
curve. Two of them are regularly changes theirs frequency
and another is self-bending. We cut the curves on different
sides of the cube and got four parts. Then we alternate the
four parts come together again in different ways to get the
final result.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Team Leader