Wilder Architecture, Inc.

Wilder Architecture, Inc.

Tampa, FL


Hillsborough Community College Building Renovations, Brandon Campus

Projects included the renovation and remodeling of the science and administration buildings, exterior envelope repair and renovation of the physical plant building, and  a new entry roadway.

The science and administration building renovation scope included the removal and replacement of a large amount of exterior envelope of both buildings including windows. Additional structure elements were installed to satisfy current wind load requirements.  Interior scope included the remodeling/renovation of the entire Science Building and partial renovation of the Administration Building. The work included complete upgrades to the electrical, mechanical, telephone, fire alarm, and safety systems, bringing these systems into compliance with current Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code. This project required phasing to allow continued safe operations by the College. 

The physical plant building project scope included the removal of an existing exterior envelope (exclusive of roof) and the redesign and re-cladding of the existing building.  Project was carefully coordinated to allow for maximum use of the building during construction.  

Entry roadway scope included new  signage, landscaping, site and accent lighting, deceleration lane, signalization at the intersection, bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, and security gates.

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Status: Built
Location: Tampa, FL, US
Firm Role: Architect of Record