Whitespace Ltd

Whitespace Ltd

Bangkok, TH





Thailand’s Apple Premium Reseller, Copperwired, turned to Whitespace to help them create 
a groundbreaking new retail brand and store prototype that would define digital lifestyle retailing. 
It’s name “.life” (pronounced “dot-life”) plays on the ubiquitous “dot-com” intended to evoke 
an instant association with all things for digital lifestyles. The store is divided into two main areas; 
one for browsing and hands-on demonstrations and the other for self-service shopping. 
The image of the store is boldly simple, featuring a dramatic patterned lighting system, and 
bleached wood cabinets surrounded by a happy spring green perimeter wall. The simple layout 
helps customers focus attention on the products with the intention of making shopping easy and fun.

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Status: Built
Location: Bangkok, TH
Firm Role: interior design, graphic design