Wesley Ward

Wesley Ward

Elk Grove, CA, US


Open-Air Pavilion

The program of this project was to build an open-air pavilion that could accommodate a range of general uses, specifically for the gathering of a speaker. The structure as a whole is divided into two systems, The primary system of the cube shaped structure which provides the frame for the roofing system. The Primary system of composed of eight 8x8 inch members which make up the cube shaped frame. This system is of equal dimensions. The secondary frame is made up of two major 50 foot long glue laminated beams which house a series of cross braced members which become thicker and wider spaced towards the center to react to both moment and shear within the system.
Part of the architectural gesture of the ­floating canvas roof structure becomes about the catchment and fl­ow of rainwater. Incorporating this performative aspect as a part of the experience of the pavilion, the canvas responds to the curvature of the major beams allowing water to ­flow towards a hole in the center. This opening directs water into a catchment basin in the center of the slab and ­flows out towards the edge through a channel.

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Status: School Project
Location: Tucson, AZ, US
My Role: Designer