Paramitha Wardhani

Paramitha Wardhani

Bellevue, WA, US


Tower X: Shelter from a Storm

Tower X is a beacon and a shelter that houses three outward bound counselors and four outward bound participants that can no longer handle living in the wilderness on their own.  The location of this program is held in Cleveland Memorial Forest which is owned by the Seattle School District.  One counselor stays on the first floor who is responsible for tending the fire and taking in the participants who give up.  The main floor houses the other two counselors, a prep counter, and a picnic table.  The loft is reserved for the four participants that seek shelter.  Items may be stored in the on-site storage unit when not in use and can be propelled to the main floor using the pulley system.

The model is built from poplar wood at 1"=1'-0".

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Status: School Project
Location: Cleveland Memorial Forest, WA