Paramitha Wardhani

Paramitha Wardhani

Bellevue, WA, US


Food Networking:Museo Del Tevere

Museo Del Tevere was a project that called for a museum about the Tiber River and Rome as defined by each student.  This existing site is located by Ponte Sublicio.  We were required to keep the arsenale and longitudinal building on the site, but were allowed to remodel and repurpose the buildings.


My museum focuses on the network of food.  The Tiber was the main source that allowed food and other trade into Rome throughout history until recent embankments.  The museum honors the river and allows the people to experience and explore its history.  Here, the people act as the vehicle that carries the food along the river, represented by the pathways.  The museum includes a local outdoor market in the courtyard, a food court located in the existing arsenal building that houses cafes and kitchens to cook your groceries, an interactive fountain to simulate the level change of the river, and a historical exhibit housed inside the repurposed existing longitudintal building that features artifacts, artwork, and facts about the river.  The site offers various seating options that are spread out along the pathways, similar to stops that a tradeboat would make along the river.  This museum also doubles as a public park since there isn’t one available by the water currently.

One of the main features of this museum is the public seating area located alongside the exisiting pathway.  The benches/tables flow out and back into the surface to reflect the actions of the river.  The jutting form serves as both a bench to sit on or a table.  There are multiple surfaces on this surface that allow for any seating position that is most comfortable to the user.  This area, however, would be unavailable for use during the flooding seasons when water levels will rise and cover this area.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rome, IT

Perspectives and details
Perspectives and details