Vishnuvardhan Medapati

Vishnuvardhan Medapati

Los Angeles, CA, US


Destination Beer Garden

The existing Villa Zarri in Bologna, Italy provides a site for activation. An abandoned brandy distillery warehouse provides the space; the manicured grounds, a public garden with theater space. The first task was to focus on how to connect and create a circulation path between the bustling street corner and the quiet gardens. The concrete

block walls were strategically punctured to provide natural light and oversized pivot doors were used to maximize the opening while still maintaining the ability to be controlled independently to either be fully open to the street or closed for everyday use or private events.

Once inside, large tempered glass panels provide a view to the beer making process. Rather than a typical tasting room that focuses on the serving experience, the tasting room provides a viewing stage for the performance of the beer making process: a thing, as a visitor, you want see as well as taste.

The space is divided by an (organic) path that leads guests through a multi-purpose gallery, tasting room, observation deck and restaurant. The path is created with multi-colored tiles that display an abstract expression of the various typical types of beer corresponding to each season. From a light, crisp summer blonde to a dark, rich winter ale, the colors and characteristics of the ground each season combine with the key ingredients of the specific type of beer.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Bologna, IT
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Hoang D., Petrova M., Baghozian V., Garcia B., Fisher N.