Utako Tanebe

Utako Tanebe

Cleveland, OH, US


Super Narrow Student House

This project was part of the Laneway Housing series featured on the Spacing Toronto website in March 2012.

The Super Narrow Student Housing project was inspired by a Toronto Police house-bust that took place at Yonge St. x Wellesley St. in September 2011. Police discovered 90 international students illegally living under one roof, and all of the students were evicted immediately. However, the occurrence raised the issue of a lack of housing options in the downtown area, a dire need for the city of Toronto given the growing number of international students seeking economical and efficient housing for long term stay.

Can we design a purposefully-narrow house for these international students? Will this provide some function to the abandoned laneway spaces in the city, and also establish a new typology of architecture in Toronto? The laneway housing proposal sought to address the issue of urban densification for a specific clientele, with the hope of spurring more interaction between visitors and locals.

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Status: School Project