Utako Tanebe

Utako Tanebe

Cleveland, OH, US


On the Edge: YYZ > NRT

This thesis explores the different lessons learned in two global cities, and apply them across borders, from Toronto to Tokyo. To that end, the proposed infrastructure exemplifies landscape urbanism ideas and optimizes the systematic flow between a park and the rest of the city.

The proposed design at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan reinvents the traditional parking program and aims to reactivate both spatial and social interaction, specifically between local residents and visitors, and between Japanese youth and international exchange students. Internal programs include the establishment of a tourist center and student hostel, which broadens the cultural spectrum of the site, while external programs include an agora theatre and parking space that creates a smooth contour transition between nature and built forms.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: post production support from Anne Van Koeverdan and Mika Yamaguchi