Utako Tanebe

Utako Tanebe

Cleveland, OH, US


Ain Nsissa Eco Facilities

The project won the ASCA Collaborative Practice Award 2011-2012 and Progressive Architecture Citation Awards 2012. It was selected by the Ministry of Tourism Morocco and will be realized in 2013.

  “The Ain Nsissa project is a collaborative applied research which tests a model for desert eco-tourism that promotes low impact construction while improving environmental and socio-economic living conditions of local nomads, the Beni Guil.” - Designing Ecological Tourism website

The project plan for Ain NSissa Eco Facilities include:
     • Economically sustainable and manageable project plan
     • Nature reserve for Mouflons (wild sheep from local area) in the mountains of Ain Nsissa desert
     • Tourism master plan with heterotopic network of nomads willing to house tourists.
     • Housing typologies that upgrade existing and new buildings for the three different types of    nomadic lifestyles: Shifting, Semi-Shifting and Fixed Locations       


The project team consisted of Aziza Chaouni (lead), Utako Tanebe (architect), Samar Zarifa (landscape) and Amanda Chong (post-production).

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Status: Under Construction