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    Slow Ride: A Multi-Sensory Installation for U-Serve

    Joachim Perez
    Mar 30, '16 10:34 PM EST

    March 30th marked the second annual U-Serve event at the University of Miami School of Architecture.  U-Serve began in 2015 as an effort for the UMSoA to give back to the community. The inaugural U-Serve involved a smartphone-driven architectural inventory of East Little Havana, with about 800 labor hours donated to the City of Miami by the School and more than 400 properties inventoried.  This year, the focus was to bring attention to the development of The Underline, a proposed urban linear park that would run underneath the Miami Metrorail.  Pop up installations were set up at specific train stops where commuters could stop and interact with students and faculty and learn more about the project.

    Slow Ride was one of three installations that were created for the day.  Slow Ride is a multi sensory experience composed of everyday materials to affect sight, smell, and hearing of the passerby.  The installation was located at busy transit point, underneath the Coconut Grove metro-stop where commuters, cyclists and pedestrians cross paths.  The site sits perpendicular to an extremely busy intersection, often marred by speeding cars and traffic accidents.  The goal of Slow Ride hopes to bring everyone’s rushed schedule to a slower pace.

    Modular pieces of 2 x 4 lumber were drilled with five holes to receive wood dowels of various lengths.  An orange, coconut scented Car-Freshner is attached to each dowel adding just enough weight to help sway them and creating a knocking sounds as the dowels collide.  The Car-Freshner’s iconic form is de-contextualized and serves as a critique of Miami’s car dependency.  Over 1000 freshner’s were used in order to give the feel a densely packed, surreal forest.  The modular units were then staggered throughout the area to reinforce the effect.   A revolving group of students, divided into two shifts worked non-stop to create the urban intervention which plans to stay up for an event The Underline is hosting on April 3rd.  

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