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    Building Analysis - Second Year Design Studio

    Joachim Perez
    Feb 6, '15 9:49 PM EST

    For those that have been following the story so far, this blog was meant to chronicle just one first year graduate student class. Originally, the purpose was to highlight ways of communication and problem solving in a visual media.  It has expanded to this professor's take on life at the School of Architecture including school wide events.   This semester I have been tasked with instructing second year students in design studio, with the focus on structures. I've taught the class before, and as we do every year, students are to engage different structural elements through the process of model making.  

    My reinforcement within my group is to build a model with the same amount of detail they would find in real life.  Anyone can build a model, and most times students force the model together without any sense of construction.  Thanks to the advent of Krazy Glue, they forget to include supports, beams, joists, etc..  

    The 5 sections then get together to review the work.  Some professors choose to use the 3D Maker Bots and ZCorp machine, but I asked my students to stay away from those in order to get more of a feel for their project (although the laser cutter could be used).  Some turned out very successful, others not. Below are photos from both my section and the others.​


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This blog gives a sneak peak into the architecture world at the University of Miami. What began as an experiment following one group of incoming graduate students through their first semester of design, has morphed into a window of the school of architecture through this professor's eyes. I will try to post as often as possible.

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