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    Sequence 1.3.2, 1.3.3 and so on

    Patrick Beseda
    Feb 20, '12 9:44 AM EST

    Sequence 1.3.2: Structure

    After my last post, with the volume investigation done, one of the models (the tornado looking one) was advanced to the structure stage.

    Here, the goal was to add a structural layer such that the site was organized physically (with supporting elements such as columns, walls, surfaces etc.) and spatially (implying density, porosity, threshold, boundary, etc). Successful models? Not the best, but the ideas they generated (for the next stage) were important. 

    Sequence 1.3.3: Envelope

    I ignored the ideas that arose from the last of the three, and combined the ideas behind the first two, allowing the volumes to become a shell and the column grid to puncture through to organize the void underneath as well as the voids above. The envelope models were more of working models that quickly transitioned into more generative drawings (too quick to photograph them). Envelope ideas:

    Model of final concept coming soon.



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