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    Sequence 1.2 Concept

    Patrick Beseda
    Feb 5, '12 7:13 PM EST

    This is my client:

    Yeah...sort of...

    It was a quirky way to bring some of the quirks of a real client to the research regarding our residential unit. We were each given a unique postcard with a combination of an image and a word and made to push the conventional understanding of each and the way they relate to each other.

    As I explored expression and tupperware, I landed in an area where the container is what is expressive instead of what's inside. Currently, our containers don't say anything. For example, one of the two pieces of tupperware in my fridge, is clear, and contains pizza. What is expressed however, is not the clear plastic, but the cold pizza. When someone asks, "Whats in your fridge?" I respond, "Cold pizza." When asked about the other piece of tupperware, I say, "I don't know." It's opaque. I haven't looked in there in weeks. Turns out it was guacamole. Not anymore.


    The same is true of many of our homes. Sure we decorate the inside; it says plenty about who we are. Even the way we design the insides has become a form of expression. The exteriors, the walls, the containers that compartmentalize our life, however say nothing. They are either clear, and express the cold pizza inside, or they are opaque and you have to open it to find out whats inside. The result of my research looks like this:

    And my challenge to the "domestic agenda is to say. "What if the its just the container that expresses?" And here's a sneak peak at a board expressing that question. Not done yet, but final draft should be similar.

    Pinning these up tomorrow, and moving to Sequence 1.3: ???

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