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    FOUNDhouse - A mobile microhouse

    Patrick Beseda
    Jun 21, '13 11:14 AM EST

    As I begin the summer (yeah, I'm in studio) I'm excited to present a project that myself and a fellow student are working on.  We are designing and building a microhouse called FOUNDhouse. It's 150 sf, made with the structural system from wikihouse then added components to make it fully inhabitable.


    We're building it here in Denver, and then moving it to Bluff, UT in the fall, where we will live for the semester while we're building a house for a family on the Navajo reservation with DesignBuildBLUFF (who as recently featured in the NYT)

    We are excited to design and build something with our own hands and the have the chance to live in it! We'd love to for you to check out our Kickstarter project that we are using to raise the funds for the structure.

    You can also check out the details at Leave comments here or on the Kickstarter. 


    • vado retro

      have you verified the minimum square foot allowable for a dwelling unit with two occupants? jus sayin'

      Jun 22, 13 12:53 pm  · 

      In Denver the municipal code states that temporary housing (that which is designed to be transportable, not permanently attached to the ground, any other structure or utilities) is not a dwelling unit and thereby is exempt from permit, inspection, and the requirements of the Municipal code for dwelling units.

      Although there is no municipal code in Bluff, UT we'll operate under the same assumption.

      Thanks for the comment, our concern for the size now is more about the comfort level (temperature, lighting, ventilation of the composting toilet in the desert heat in August).

      Jun 22, 13 1:17 pm  · 

      Dudes:  Blame it on wikihouse, maybe -- but those tiny fingers at the KD joints of the frame are not appropriate for plywood, or any other sheet goods save some kind of high--density resin -- as I see it.  Just because the CNC can cut it doesn't mean it's appropriately detailed !

      But you knew that.  Can't the joint be redesigned so than no part is smaller in width than the thickness of the material (or better yet, no less than 1" or 25 mm) ?

      All power to you !  

      Jun 22, 13 7:14 pm  · 

      Unless I missed some any joint that sees any load is at least 22mm (using 18mm sheet material). I see what you're saying though. It would be worth it to do some stress testing on those little fingers; they're looking a little thin all of a sudden :)

      We've got a calibration test piece ready to go this week. There's definitely room in the frame geometry to beef those up though, no reason not to I guess. Good eye!

      Jun 23, 13 2:09 pm  · 

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