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    Patrick Beseda
    Oct 4, '12 10:01 PM EST

    Ok, it's been three weeks. I tried to stay on the weekly blog post schedule but I've had my head down in studio for so long, I had to come up to breathe. So I'm breathing this weekend.


    I am fortunate to be a part of the founding board of the Design Build Institute of America student chapter at UCD. We are working on advancing and advocating for Design Build as a project delivery method, ideology and lifestyle. It's something thats important to all of us. Hopefully we can impart some knowledge and bring awareness to our student body.

    As our first event we toured the new construction at the Union Station redevelopment. A massive undertaking Kiewit and RTD are doing some extraordinary work.


    Some approach and bubble diagrams useful in selecting an appropriate site. Each area I investigated had powerful experiences connected to them. It was a challenging choice to decide where to site my building. The two areas I selected contained unique and important experiences for the different programs present in the design. Therefore I split my program into two structures, an accommodations hall and a research center. The hall will be up on the cliff, overlooking the cove, the bay and Carmel in the distance. The views, the shelter and the light quality in the forest make this an unforgettable location to call home for a summer. The research center is located in the flat area down by the water. Its proximity to the water, boat and scuba launches, make it ideal for a work setting. The view is toward the cove, an introverted experience focused on the hyperlocal ecosystems and populations. Nestled into the hill, it speaks of knowledge, experience and connection.


    Parti parti mass mass

    Now we are adjusting massing models and detailing our bubble diagrams into structure and space. This week and next is an intense study of passive and active systems, sustainable materials and construction techniques as well as further development of our designs. We are also starting to develop envelope studies to talk about connection to the outside, relationships to context and of course, structural details, and building performance.

    Whew. Putting my head back down for the weekend. See at the end of week 8!


    • LOVE that you're doing this kind of low-tech exploration. this is where thinking becomes visible, not just delivering a visual result. kudos to your instructors and to you for working through the process. 

      Oct 7, 12 8:44 am

      I agree, I think its crucial to really understand what you're doing and to be deliberate about the decisions made. In the next few weeks I think we'll see a turn towards the high tech as we ramp up the detail and specificity. 

      Thanks for the comment.

      Oct 7, 12 4:39 pm

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