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    s02 w13 finalization

    Patrick Beseda
    Apr 14, '12 11:48 AM EST

    Didnt want to post on Friday the 13th at the end of week 13. Bad mojo. Saturday feels better.


    Got to see a great lecture from Peter Stutchbury last week at the Denver Art Museum. Been studying his work since then. He has a process and approach that can only be described as lovely. Such harmony with the environment and connection to landscape is rare. Not to mention his Australian accent...


    Foster and Patty at a certain establishment across from the Clyfford Still Museum before the lecture from "Stutch." (I bet he wouldn't like it if he knew we called him that)

    Finalizing the concept for House Two, enjoying the auto-pilot sequence I'm on; wake up, bus, studio, bus, sleep. Insert some job searching and happy hours at random.


    Oh yeah, studio work? Here's some study models, just for fun.

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