Tyler Selby

Tyler Selby

New York, NY, US


XYZ+T - Independent Film Center

The study of film led to an investigation into the nature of time as an ordering system and foundation for creating an experience through a series of events. During initial conceptual research clarity was found through an analysis of the film Slumdog Millionaire (2009, Oscar Winner) Studying the film in relation to time, the three characters weave through a non linear series of events as the movie jumps between characters and different events in each of their lives. This study allowed insight into my own studies of perception, time and space to find clarity to formulate an internal understanding of the different natures of time and events that exist both within and completely outside of time.
Contrasting time as a linear series of events a Moment, in which time stands still, creating a situation where the past, present and future were all collapsed into a single point. Behind the single point lies the experience, using a physical object to give life to a moment.
For example the cinematic story requires the simple medium of film to be projected. These objects are often not representative of the incredible experience performed. Experience in the Film Center would be achieved by creating an infrastructure where opportunities for making, viewing and learning about film would occur.
The project site, located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges in Dumbo, would provide the setting to tell the story of development for the design of the Film Center as well as the adjacent park.

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Status: School Project
Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY