Tyler Selby

Tyler Selby

New York, NY, US

City of light
City of light
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City of Light

Working at the urban scale of a Soviet created mega block, design followed a typological and formal investigation for development of a new, hyper-use “city center” for the heart of central Warsaw. Large scale concepts are inspired by the historical idea of Grande Visions that utilize larger than life concepts; such as Baron Haussmann and Napoleon III’s will to transform the streets of Paris into a series of grand boulevards.
A single, unified vision informed the design programmatically and formally to create specific areas within the site that would be intensified with defined functions and density to create a highly active center. Each building’s unique identity communicates both semiotically and symbolically creating multi-directional dialogs between buildings on the site and the people of Warsaw.

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Status: School Project
Location: Warsaw, Poland