Tyler Selby

Tyler Selby

New York, NY, US


Home Cliff Home - Dali Residence

Spending most of his youth in Cadaques, Spain, Dali always remained close to the sea and a Spanish cliff side was chosen for the site which had similar qualities to the cliffs Dali included in his paintings.

With a design concept of a house melting into the sea the form was achieved through multiple physical models. Ultimately, the form was decided by the nature of melting clay after subjecting a bar of the material perched upon a found piece of concrete. After fiften minutes in the oven the clay bar melted into the desired form.

The house’s three floors transition from public spaces at the top where the entrance is and becomes private as the floors reach toward the sea. A mutated box frame gives stability to the cantilevered structure. The glass facade screens out the sun by using glazing that appears opaque to the light waves.

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Status: School Project
Location: Cadaques, Spain
My Role: Individual Project - Sole Designer