Tyler Cox

Tyler Cox

Indianapolis, IN, US


Zipp Display Wall

Commissioned by i.M.A.D.E. and Zipp Speed Weaponry in Indianapolis, Indiana, we were tasked with taking a previous schematic design and redesigning it to fit to some adjusted parameters from the original conception. The overall design of the project envisioned four different streams of high density polyethylene that separated apart, much like the way a cyclist’s helmet would break a headwind, to reveal three white fiberglassed displays, reminiscent of a bicycle, showcasing the products made in house at the Zipp headquarters. The scalloped surfaces were created during the machining process of the 3/4″ HDPE using a 1/2″ ballnose CNC-router bit, allowing to save machining time and to add visual intrigue to the overall composition.

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Status: Built
Location: Indianapolis, IN, US
My Role: Design Team + Fabrication
Additional Credits: Michael Bolatto, Neil Hoerstman, Jared Burt, Jason De Boer, and Ball State's Institute for Digital Fabrication.