Tyler Cox

Tyler Cox

Indianapolis, IN, US


Cloud Context // m.arch thesis

A collaborative thesis with Michael Bolatto.


Final Abstract:

Unique to the 21st century, is the unprecedented networking and instantaneous speed that allows us to enjoy personal, yet worldwide connections. Buildings too, can capitalize upon this situation, as chief consumers of the inputs generated by the sensory networks surrounding us. The imminent pan-communication between man-made objects creates an opportunity for ubiquitous computing to participate in the design and workings of reactive and efficient building environments. Coupling this framework with the investigation of smart materials capable of an actuated response to digital inputs, increases the potential for hyper-specialized architecture, attuned to environments, human behavior, and personal preferences. Our digital lifestyle must be seen as an asset for design, empowering architecture to elevate from its role as an interface to serve as the primary locale for interaction and technology integration. Through our state of inter-connectivity, design can be allowed to adopt a new, cloud based context, still considerate of form and function, but also appropriate for conveying and responding to nuanced, continuous streams of digital information.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Muncie, IN, US
My Role: Design + Fabrication
Additional Credits: Project Partner: Michael Bolatto
Special thanks to Joshua Coggeshall and Joshua Vermillion (advisors), Janice Shimizu, Dustin Headley, and Kevin Klinger.