The Turett Collaborative

The Turett Collaborative

New York, NY


Leroy Street Townhouse

TCA’s bold, original design created a spacious, airy, and inventive house out of a former garage. The owner’s investment (purchase price and gross cost of the excavation) approximately doubled after the work was completed.

A dramatic four-story staircase welcomes visitors as they enter the foyer; walking past, one will encounter a room flooded with natural light from two sources - a 16-pane skylight and an entire wall of windows. Another outstanding feature is the L-shaped koi pond that spans from the living room to the outdoor garden on the ground floor.

Other notable features of the renovation include fully glazed back walls from the first to the fourth floor; a grass lawn on the second floor terrace; an outdoor shower off the master bedroom; a faux flower-covered garden wall on the ground floor; and the well-integrated luxuries of an elevator and indoor parking.

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Status: Built
Location: West Village, New York City
Firm Role: Architect