Mohamed Tarek

Mohamed Tarek

Dubai, AE


Port Saeed Development - China Mall

The development surrounds the city, where it creates an inspiring journey capturing the imagination and essence of both the residents and visitors passing through the new urban fabric, starting with an ultra modern shopping experience in the mall, afterwards proceed toward a relaxing experience at the 5 stars hotel where he can indulge in all types of luxury. 

Along the way from the hotel to the museum the by passer sinks into history by overlooking the traditional fishing wharf.

The Mall Concept " the fishing net" :
The fishing net can be a sculpture in itself, the various twists and bends of the net are represented in the design of covering skin of the mall. The mall design is set as an iconic sculpture transcending the city into the 21st century

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Port Said, EG
My Role: Designer and 3d modeler