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Welp. Integration of architecture.  I facilitate collaborative efforts to help our culture devise beautiful moments in life.  Yah, places. products. culture. music.  I'm a social architect with a social agenda. So if you need me at your dance party... I can facilitate that too.

What I do is something that not most architects will want to do.  I  clean your drawings for you. Or perhaps, draw and dance at the same time.  Anything the project requires, I'll make something happen.  I mean the trend is to brand and position.. that's cool and all..they focus their profession. hang out with only that crowd.. make money with that crowd.. but its not about that for me...I broaden it for the experience. But our profession is not so important these days.  Society has a glamour about an architect.  It is beautiful.. I think its important, buildings and such.. but its the people that really are important.  

Its really a social agenda. 




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BROOMSTACHE : Order of economic discussion

Products, places, cultures are cycling faster than Tiger Woods changed girlfriends. Its an interesting time that needs to be confronted with because... wait for it.....what is beautiful places, products, cultures if we keep changing the face every season? Capitalism has made a platform for V 2.0 to be a need and not a want. I launched a kickstarter campaign for a product line... its called Broomstache. you can look at it at find out more what i'm talking.

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