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May '13 - Feb '16

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    Alec Perkins
    May 14, '13 10:47 AM EST

    First posts are hard.

    I arrived in Mexico City a little over a month ago, destined for a six month architecture internship at one of the rising star firms of Mexico. Its been a fantastic experience so far, both from the professional and touristic point of view. 

    I'm here because the city is here, "the monster" they call it, one of the biggest cities in the world, a sprawling city of densely packed mid-rise housing. Growing up in Arizona, I've always wanted to explore Mexico, and as an architect I want to understand how the buildings, people, culture, and city all work together.

    And it doesn't hurt that I love Barragán, Mexican food, and Latin american modernism.

    I am writing because I think this city is underrated and under-explored. There is an intensity and variety of city life here to rival LA or Shanghai, and it's 90 minutes by air from the United States. The city has taken the opposite approach to conservationist Rome, which has for its history tiptoed and danced around its ruins. Mexico City continuously buries its past under new buildings, avenues, districts, but the layers of the city bleed through, down to the urban forms of the Aztecs. 

    Enough for a first post. ¡Andale!


    • snooker-doodle-dandy


      looking forward to your insight into Mexico City.

      May 14, 13 4:28 pm  · 

      Take more pix! 

      May 23, 13 10:12 pm  · 

      Hey Alec! Just came across this! I look forward to reading more!

      Jun 12, 13 11:02 pm  · 

      must be working you to the bone....

      Jun 13, 13 9:05 pm  · 

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