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Engineering & Science University Magnet School

The Engineering and Science University Magnet School (ESUMS), is an innovative new grade 6-12 school that will house 600-plus students in a facility specially designed to meet the Magnet School’s rigorous engineering and science curriculum. ESUMS, in collaboration with the University of New Haven’s Tagliatela College of Engineering, offers focused classes in math, science and technology intended to prepare students with problem-solving skills for application in their future education and for careers in scientific, engineering, and technology fields.  In their new location, ESUMS staff and students will have the opportunity to interact with faculty and students of the University of New Haven through the use of shared facilities, various enrichment and mentoring programs, as well as the opportunity for ESUMS students to enroll in college level courses.

The quality of the spaces throughout the school will vary, as the project based learning curriculum requires collaborative areas for students to work together in addition to ample volume to conduct experiments.  The facility will offer multiple laboratories, workshops, and CLABs – classroom laboratories – focused on the student’s development at each grade level along with their regular core classes and electives.  Currently, the design team is looking to highlight the building’s mechanical and structural systems, incorporate art installations, and provide exterior landscaping techniques that will serve as learning tools for the students.  

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Status: Under Construction
Location: West Haven, CT, US
My Role: Architect