studio vural

studio vural

New York, NY


Tobys Estate LIC

Toby's Estate LIC is special; its floor slabs have been sold to a developer next door to jam pack his tower with more square footage. Resultant is a 4 story high brick and exposed wood joisted building with a hollowed out interior, a brick shell with a roof. 

Our design objective was to spend a bit money on air conditioning and maintain this Gothic height with  exposed fish-bone joists. We cut out two diamond shape openings in the ceiling wood joists to embed our chandeliers, and celebrated the raw spirit of the space by exposing all bricks and steel reinforcements, and simply landed an elegant interior.

Dreamy white Statuary marble counters, slatted solid walnut front wall, and cement tiles were the protagonists of our story. Words are insufficient, one has to visit to experience the spectacle this space has to offer.

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Status: Built
Location: Queens LIC
Firm Role: Architect, Designer
Additional Credits: Design principal Selim Vural, intern Anastasia Shesterikova
Photos by Kate Glicksberg
Builders: David Chu, Omar Muniz, Pro Design Marble
Marketing: Joseph Salas