Sonja Tonev

Sonja Tonev

Copenhagen, Denmark


Wondu chair

Wondu stackable chair has been inspired by designs of Danish furniture designers Hans Wegner and Jørgen Gammelgaard. I have decided to use the basic form of the wooden chairs they have made during mid-century and make it more contemporary. Following that idea, the main construction material of the chair is steel, while the backrest and the seat are in wood. The backrest is made in laminated ash wood, while the seat is in plywood. There is a special detail made of solid steel to connect the steel tube with the wooden backrest. The stacking is possible because of the specific position of back legs and the width of the backrest. The chair is suitable for commercial spaces, such as restaurants, cafes, lobbies, but it is also convenient in a home environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Copenhagen, DK
My Role: Designer