Sonja Tonev

Sonja Tonev

Copenhagen, Denmark


Hoodie - Furniture for small balconies

Hoodie is my final Master project on which I have worked during the period of five moths. 

My idea was to find an inspiration in the living situation in my home country - Serbia, which made me decide to focuse on a common misuse of apartment balconies, which are present on most of residential buildings in Belgrade. These balconies are usually very small and therefore used only for storage purposes instead of providing owners a possibility of sitting outside and enjoying warm weather. By combining few of the owners’ needs and putting them together into one product, I came up with a solution which includes a seat, a storage unit and a hood that creates a private space for the user. The hood allows the user to hide from the sights of surrounding neighbors and gives protection from different weather conditions, the same way when wearing a jacket hood. The hood can be folded backwards, over the backrest and used as a seat and back support. The storage unit is placed under the seat and can be accessed by lifting the seat plate.

I came up with a simple shape of a hoodie by realizing that when we are outside and don’t want to be recognized, we could put on a hoodie to hide from the sights of others but still have an option to see them. A hoodie keeps us protected from different weather conditions as well : rain, wind, strong sun and it gives us the feeling of a shelter.

The idea of creating a design by referring to a shape which is seen everywhere around us and putting it into a different context could, in my opinion, easily explain a user how the object functions.

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Status: Built
Location: Copenhagen, DK
My Role: Master thesis project