Sonja Tonev

Sonja Tonev

Copenhagen, Denmark


Exhibition design in Milan Design Week

Exhibition design for a fair stand of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts during Milan Design Week 2014. It was necessary to create a design suitable for 24sqm, exposing fourteen chairs designed be the students. The concept of our design consisted of over-sized lamp shades, in various radius, which would be placed above the chairs. Inside each shade there is a light source, illuminating the chairs under it. The shades are placed in different heights, which creates a dynamic in the ceiling area of the stand ; with this idea we wanted to attract the visitors standing in the distance as well. 

From the middle of each shade there is an orange cord hanging and allowing people to interact by switching the light off and on and seeing the chairs in both natural and artificial light. Each shade consists of two steel rings (in the top and the bottom) around which it is placed a textile piece and attached with velcro tape which was previously sewn. All shades are hung from the rig hanging from the ceiling. 

The whole stand was entirely built at the Academy’s workshops by us, the students, and tested at the campus before it was sent to Milan and put up at the sight.

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Status: Built
Location: Milan, Italy
My Role: Creative director
Additional Credits: Team of students from The Royal Danish Academy of Finer Arts in Copenhagen