shimou chen

shimou chen

New York, NY, US



The Urban proposal for Dachanwan Port questions the current urban situation of
Hong Kong and Shenzhen by creating tension between the Urbanscape and wild
Landscape. Hong Kong has a mix of the super high density blocks and the complicated
infrastructure system While Shenzhen is more like a flat, car-driven city with
massive urban landscape.
A city with mininum private vehicle. In this proposal, the Street level is raised above
because of its high humidity level and not restricted to the ground level. By freeing
traditional 2-dimensional street level, it proposes that the city becomes three
dimensional and multi-layered. Compared to traditional urban city, multi-layered city
has higher-density. Rather than having limited accessibility of traditional buildings
from the ground, buildings of the multi-layered city are interconnected internally and
externally, followed by connected void spaces and public spaces.

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Status: School Project