shimou chen

shimou chen

New York, NY, US



With two symmetrical arc frames installed on another supporting arc structure, the
sculpture from Gabo, “Construction in Space, Suspended”, explores equilibrium,
suspension, continuity, and the unique curvature generated by the strings pulled
on the frames. In his another sculpture, “ Spatial Construction 3”,strings loop on
two mirrored also symmetrical frames in flipped order that they appear to be like a
ribbon looping inside the frames. These ruled surfaces achieve smooth and elegant
visual effect but the entire logic is about two mirrored symmetrical frames and some
straight strings
The design of the pavilion creates a series of interweaving rules surface pattern
which consist of the movements of the straight lines. These strings flow in and out
on the transparent frames, generating unique curvatures and allow people to enjoy
the continuity and the depth of space. The everchanging but somehow uniformed
spatial relationship will provide an amazing experience for every visitor who travel
through the pavilion.

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Status: Unbuilt