Shawn J. Smith

Shawn J. Smith

Los Angeles, CA, US


Native Hope-Training facility

 I was introduced to the Native American culture at a very young age growing up in Southern New Mexico. In fact, I have an adopted aunt who is full blood Navajo. She exposed me to Native American rituals and practices in which I gained valuable knowledge of the Indigenous people of America.

Nearly twenty years later I find myself motivated and inspired to be a facilitator of change within the Native American culture. Through research and first hand accounts I have witnessed the demise
of what was once an esteemed group of people. The need for education and training within the Native American culture to adapt to American culture is grandiose. The social deterioration of this group of people cannot be ignored by the Imperialistic ideology of the United States any longer.

This facility will be a training ground and cultural center that will educate Native Americans to enter
American Society. This facility will be the catalyst for social change within the Mescalero Apache
Tribe in Southern New Mexico. The training center will consist of business training, economic training and political training. Other aspects of the facility will incorporate culture, human rights, social reform and tolerance.

The idea of Native Hope is to facilitate and inspire change within the Mescalero Apache tribe through
education and training. I have an idea, as far fetched as it might sound, that someday a Native American could be president of the United States. Why not? It was their land to begin with!

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Status: School Project
Location: Ruidoso, NM, US