Sean Bollinger

Sean Bollinger

Culver City, CA, US


Scaffold Pavilion

“The scaffold pavilion was a prototype for a means to activate an devistated urban area for some purpose using “transitional-city” materials (ie: scaffolding, blue scaffold netting, shrinkwrap). Through a facebook marketing campaign/chalkboard sign up, the experiment resulted in bbqs, various live performances, video projection art show, street cricket matches, random dancing, and lunch breaks.  It utilized solar energy to power internal lighting triggered at sunset, and once disassembled, all materials either went back into their previous circulation (scaffolding, stage decks, pallets, lights), were recycled (shrinkwrap), or used by friends ongoing projects (nettting, solar setup). It lasted a total of 8 days to coincide with the first annual Festival of Transitional Architecture in Christchurch.”

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Status: Built
Location: Christchurch, NZ
My Role: Designer, Builder