Sean Bollinger

Sean Bollinger

Culver City, CA, US


Embedded Network - Nature Education Center at YMCA Camp Surf

This project is located on the immediate coastline at the YMCA Camp Surf, a resident camp that serves as a hub for education about conservation of coastal wildlife for Southern California. The Center is located adjacent to the outdoor dining pavilion directly on top of a rusting metal sea wall. The center also functions as an extension of the dining facility and can be fully opened and closed depending on weather conditions. This proposal includes replacing the existing sea wall with a new concrete one with embedded boardwalk. This will reestablish circulation to the coastline and then into the 5 rich ecological zones that exist at Camp Surf, each of which to have a specific outdoor calssroom to tach about their respective ecosystem as well as the themes of the Nature Education Center itself.

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Status: School Project
Location: Imperial Beach, CA, US
My Role: Thesis