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Forging earth with sky for a private workshop and sanctuary
Forging earth with sky for a private workshop and sanctuary
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Butterfly Studio, 2008

Winner of the Architecture Masterprize 2018. 350 square foot workshop and guest house designed for a main residence of a growing family in Westport, Ct. The architecture forges a connection between earth and sky and creates a light-filled sanctuary for working near the home. It also creates a dynamic dialogue with the traditional gables of the shaker-style main house. The architecture suggests shards protruding from the earth and the closing of a butterfly's wings.  Salvaged teak, radiant heat in the concrete floor slab, Mistusbishi thru wall unit for efficient heating and cooling, insulated skylight with neoprene extrusions at the aluminum mullions, steel columns, and stucco cladding to integrate with the nearby cottages along the Long Island Sound.

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Status: Built
Location: Westport, Ct
Firm Role: Architect and Landscape designer
Additional Credits: All Phase Construction