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Chilmark House

Designed and built in Chilmark, Mass., the Chilmark House project covers almost five acres of previously unbuilt land in the heart of the farming and artistic community that is “Up-Island” Martha’s Vineyard.

The simple, dark buildings are approached via a farm road that winds through Chilmark’s dense thicket of scrub oak. A broad stair links a large south-facing porch back to the farm road and provides pedestrian access through the field to the beaches beyond. Based in a shared love of the dense aggregation of New England’s farm complexes, we sited the studio and the house barns tightly together, creating a charged outdoor space between them, which provides the approach to the house’s entrance. The sweeping Atlantic views are only experienced after a visitor enters the house; the northwest entry courtyard is edged by a mute, charred cedar wall with screened apertures, creating a private courtyard with views west over the rolling fields and stone fences. Inside the dark buildings, bleached ash lines and lightens all surfaces. The ceilings in the public rooms lift to the high ridges, with dropped areas to create a children’s sleeping loft high in the roof. The lower level consists of a series of bedrooms with shared spaces between that look into light wells, landscaped with local rocks and moss.

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Status: Built
Location: Chilmark, MA, US
Additional Credits: Gray Organschi Architecture