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Schiller Projects

New York, NY


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Our client, a long-time resident of the Bay Area, has garnered a reputation of winning challenging tech litigation work, but has never held proper space reflective of their involvement in the local industry.

Schiller Projects was engaged to develop a new environment and office in a contemporary manner that better supports the way they want to work, the client community, the values of the brand, and ultimately improve the foundation of client collaboration.

Just past the elevator doors, the central hub of the office provides an energy more akin to a Linkedin or Dropbox, full of various ways for working and meetings. At the core of the project, the reception cafe can host up to 200 people or be segmented out into quiet meetings spaces. Located at the focal point of all circulation routes throughout the facility, this space fosters community and collaboration.

Taking its cues from technology companies and the constant change of Silicon Valley, our design solidifies flexibility and integration in an environment that is distinctly future looking.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US